Van der Valk Hotel Verviers

Food & Beverage
The Paris-Paris

The Paris-Paris 28 €

Cold dishes

• Rosette of Lyon
• Saucisson of Paris
• Seafood terrine
• Smoked salmon
• Smoked trout
• Bellevue Salmon
• Roast beef
• Smoked ham
• Pancetta
• Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan and Basil


• Nicoise salad
• Tomato salad with shallots
• Mediterranean Tabbouleh 
• Salad from the Market
• Coleslaw Salad
• Cucumber salad with yogurt
• Cold pasta salad
Sauces and condiments
Basket of the Baker


• Cheese platter
• Apple pie.

Black Valet



Barbecue 29 €

Cold dishes
• Boudins from Jalhay
• Potatoes cut with a hand of salt

• Treme Salad with Parma Ham
• Penne Salad with Feta
• Lamb's salad with mozzarella and figs
• Parmesan Mushroom and Celery Salad
• Green bean salad with sesame seeds
• Seasonal Salad & Vegetables
• Cold pasta salad

Sauces and condiments
Basket of the baker

Hot dishes
• Spare ribs of Aubelmarine pork with acacia honey
• Beef Skewers
• Merguez as in Morocco
• Sausages with small herbs from the kitchen garden
• Pickled chicken drumsticks, new fashion spices
• Jacked potatoes

• Pink watermelon in season (in season)
• Assortment of mini-patisseries

Subject to changes depending on the season and the availability of the goods
Possibility to serve with wine, water and soft drinks, and coffee included: 44 € per person
Barbecue is possible on the terrace, on the private terrace of your reception hall or around the swimming pool.

The Manneken-pis

The Manneken-Pis 32 €
Cold dishes
• Tomates with Ostendaise shrimps
• Mussel salad
• Boudins de Liège & applesauce
• Ham of Ardennes & its jam
• Smoked trout
• Country Pâté

• Liège salad
• Chimay biscuits & Chimay cheeses
• Endives salad with Dijon mustard
• Market Salad
Sauces and condiments
Basket of the Baker

Hot meals
• Waterzooi of poultry Gantoise style
• Endive gratin
• Potatoes with Parsley
• Red cabbage with potatoes
• Boulet Liégeoise style

• Vaucluse of Verviers
• The real rice pie
• Chocolate mousse
• Bavarian cream with red fruits

The Black Valet

San Marco

The San Marco 36 €

Cold dishes
• Carpaccio of beef with Parmesan cheese
• Pancetta & ruccolla
• Italian ham with figs
• Serrano Ham with Pineapple Shards
• Coppa with melon

• Tomato Salad - Basil Mozzarella
• Italian Salad
• Scampi salad with Pecorino
• Marinated artichokes
• Pasta salad with olives and parmesan
Sauces and condiments
Basket of the Baker

Warm dishes
• Mushroom Risotto
• Escalope Milanese
• Cannelloni with ricotta
• Lasagna Verdura
• Osso bucco
• Calamares a la Romana
• Tiramisu
• Capuccino mousse
• Fruit salad
• Pineapple carpaccio with Limoncello
• Bavarian with Amaretto

Black Valet

The Round the World Buffet

The Round the World Buffet 45 €

Italian Layover
• Caprese salad: mozzarella tomatoes
• Carpaccio of beef with Parmesan cheese
• Parma ham with grissinni melon 
• Grilled vegetables: aubergines, peppers and zucchini
• Bolognaise and carbonara pennettes 
• Escalope Milanese 
• Tiramisu

Maghreb Layover

  • Couscous and merguez
    • Grilled Lamb Skewers
    • Kefta
    • Chicken with lemon and olives
    • Tabbouleh with mint and vegetables
    • Moroccan cookies

Layover in Belgium
• White and black pudding and their compote
• Salad of raw andives, potatoes and nuts
• Ham of the Ardennes
• Ghent Waterzooi of poultry 
• Lobster sauce with sauce
• Rice tart of Verviers

Layover in America
• Potatoes
• Nachos with salsa sauce and cheese sauce
• Hamburger in toast, salad and ketchup
• Chicken Fajita and Pancakes
• Caramelized spare ribs
• Brownies

Scandinavian Layover
• Smoked salmon rolls with white cheese
• Tomatoes with shrimp
• Maatjes
• Crab claws
• Fruit salad
Sauces and condiments
Basket of the Baker

The Black Valet