If you are looking for an ideal venue for your events, the seminar rooms in Verviers at the Van der Valk Hôtel offer you an ideal solution. Our facilities are specially designed to meet your seminar needs, from small strategic meetings to large-scale events. Find out why our hotel is the perfect choice for your next business gathering.

Seminar rooms in Verviers: easy access, free parking

Accessibility is a key factor when choosing a venue for your seminar. The Van der Valk Hôtel Verviers stands out for its ease of access, very close to the motorway, ensuring that your participants can reach the venue without difficulty.

In addition to easy access, we also offer a large free car park. Yet another reason to choose our seminar rooms in Verviers.

Versatile spaces for all your events

With nine multifunctional rooms for up to 300 people, the Van der Valk Hôtel Verviers offers exceptional versatility. Our spaces are designed to accommodate a wide range of events, from small, intimate meetings to large-scale seminars and conferences. Whatever the size of your group, our facilities are up to the task.

A sales team at your service

Seminar rooms in Verviers, but that's not all... Organising your event with us also means benefiting from the professionalism of our sales team. For each of your events, our team will help you organise it so that it reflects your values 100%.

Seminar rooms in Verviers but also tailor-made catering solutions

We understand that the culinary experience is an integral part of any event. Our varied catering solutions give you the flexibility to choose the menu that best suits your event. From invigorating coffee breaks to full meals, our kitchen team will ensure that your participants enjoy a superior meal.

If you're looking for seminar rooms in Verviers that meet all your needs, the Van der Valk Hôtel is the obvious choice. With convenient accessibility, modern facilities and a dedicated team, we're ready to make your event a memorable success. Contact us today to plan an exceptional seminar that will leave a lasting impression.