Van der Valk Hotel Verviers


Our Brasserie menu


Tub of cheese/salami

€ 4,50

Nachos served with warm salsa sauce

€ 5.50

Portion of meatballs

€ 7,50

Mixed cold plate with his grain mustard

€ 6,50

Bruschetta with tapenades

€ 7,50

Chicken Wings (2cvts)

€ 7,50

Italian antipasti (2 cvts)

€ 12,00

Asian discovery (2 cvts)

€ 8,50

Italian plate(2 cvts)

€ 22,00

Charcuterie plate (2cvts)

€ 22,00

Cheese board (2cvts)

€ 22,00
Soup & Sandwiches


Tomato soup

€ 6,00

Soup of the day

€ 6,50

• cereals
• white

Le trio  14.00 € Melon with Ganda Ham, chicken, pineapple with curry, Tuna salad with fresh herbs
The Italian      14.00 € Red pepper tapenade, mushroom’s salad, arugula with parmesan cheese, Parma Ham and dried tomatoes with old balsamic
The Bresilian   14.00 € Tex Mex Grilled Scampi, artichoke purée, guacamole mousse, lemon segment
The Mexican    14.00 € Spicy minced beef, salsa, fresh cheese, coriander, popcorn
Norman      14.00 € small camembert, pears infused with spices, Liege Syrup, slivered almonds
Atlantic      14.00 € Beech smoked Salmon, shallot and chives, tzatziki, capers and vegetables pickes
Old School       19.50 € The unique club sandwich : bread, chicken breast, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise, bacon, served with fries



Entrepote Salad  18.00 € Mix salad, foie gras, smoked duck breast, smoked trout fish, raspberry dressing
Scamperino Salad  15.50 € Salad, roasted scampi with red pesto, panned zucchinis with basil, peccorino shavings, toast with garlic butter
Crispy  14.50 € Mesclun, small stripes of chicken, bottom Mushrooms, eggs slices
Argentine  16.50 € Mix salad, Half Cooked Argentinean Steak, mayonnaise with pepper, tomatoes croutons, fried onions, roasted dices of potatoes
Souvlakis  14.50 € Salad, marinated meat skewer, cucumber, feta, olives, young onions, roasted yellow peppers, yoghurt dressing
Crazy-duck   18.00 € Mesclun, slices of roasted duck, Mango Dices, soya germ, sesame oil, the confit duck leg croquette


Cream of the day 6.50€
Tomato soup 6.00€


Spaghetti Bolognese 12.00 €
Spaghetti Carbonara 12.00 €
Scampi linguine, spinach, Parmesan, pine nuts, olive oil 18.50 €
Tagliatelli mozzarella, italian ham, cherry tomatoes,
olive oil, arugula 16.00 €
Lobster linguine, cherry tomatoes, basil and white wine 25.00 €

Thaï Square

Enter your wok.

Choose your ingredients:


€ 17,50

Slice of beef

€ 17,00


€ 15,00

And your curry: yellow curry-coconut and red curry-coconut of soja sauce.

Served with basmati rice, noodles of vegetables and coconut milk.

Beef Teriyaki 22.50€
Basket of steamed dim sum , crisp vegetables ,wakame seaweed, 2 kinds of asian Sauce  21.00 € 



Toasted cheese and ham 6.50 €
Sandwich (with egg / Hawaï) 7.50 €
Toasted sandwich à la Bolognese 9.50 €
Omelette «Entrepôt» (Vegetables and bacon) 10.50 €
Meatballs «à la liégeoise» french fries, salad 13.00 €
American tartar minute and condiment, French fries 21.00 €

The simmering cassolette of frogs’ legs with garlic butter and parsley to be shared by two 25.00 €

Tomato with shrimp, fries   23.00 €


Mushroom toast with cream and bacon cubes
€ 10,50
Cannibal toast and its small salad
€ 11,50
Toast with smoked salmon and shallots
€ 12,50


Traditinal Fondues

Cheese fondue on toast and its small salad
€ 10,50
Duo (shrimp & cheese) on toast and its small salad
€ 11,50
Shrimp fondues € 12,00


Planchas & charcoal grill


Scampi skewer with zucchini and espelette pepper,
rice tower with light red curry cream 23.50 €
The chicken skewer, yellow curry sauce / pineapple,
salad and french fries 22.50 €
The real « dry aged » hamburger 19.50 €
Pure minced beef steak, caramelized onions, warehouse sauce (mustard honey),
cheddar, iceberg salad, served with home fries
The real hamburger « Dry aged» Deluxe +/- 250gr 26.00 €
Pure steaked beef, caramelized onions, truffle sauce, pan-fried foie gras, cheddar,
bacon, iceberg salad, served with home-made fries.
Chicken Grill Burger, cereal bread, tartare
raw vegetables and fried cone 19.50 €
The real Scandic ‘Burger, half-cooked salmon, homemade béarnaise,
raw vegetables and french fries 23.50 €
Ribs caramelized with honey, green salad and french fries 18.50 €
On request all planchas are served with a mixed salad

Charcoal grill

Steak, Belgian White Blue, served with salad and fries 22.50 €
Pure Belgian White Fillet, served with hot vegetables and fries 29.50 €
Entrecôte Hereford prime selection, maturing 21 days,
served with fries 40.00 €
Big beef rib 1kg «Tomahawk di Fassona» home made fries and seasonal
vegetables béarnaise sauce for two 39.50 €/p.
On request all grills are served with a mixed salad